Cowboy College
Cowboy College

Arizona Cowboy College™ is a family owned and operated business located in Scottsdale, Arizona, "The West's Most Western Town". We have been in operation in Scottsdale since 1969 and ran the first session of the "Cowboy College" in 1989.

The College is run by Lori Bridwell, wife of the late Lloyd Bridwell the world's most recognized "Working Ranch Cowboy who died tragically in April of 2000." The school senior instructor is now Rocco Wachman, famous for his role in Country Music Television's Original Series Cowboy U 2003, Cowboy U 2004 and Cowboy U Molokai. Lloyd and Rocco worked tirelessly since 1989 on the curriculum and subject matter that makes the Arizona Cowboy College not just another dude ride and the reason it was clear that Rocco was the only choice for Cowboy U.

It did not take long for the popularity of the school to take hold. The Arizona Cowboy College has been featured on the NBC's Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, ABC's Good Morning America and they all agree that this is the only school of it's kind in the world. We have people from across the United States and from all over the world who come to Arizona for an opportunity to learn the skills needed to be successful working on a ranch.

Rocco and the College's horses have a unique talent for teaching. He and his staff can take a person who has never touched a horse before and have them riding like the wind just a few days later. We have yet to have one student who did not feel the class was one of the most exciting things they have ever done.

Our courses are designed to be a serious attempt at teaching you horsemanship skills and ranching techniques you will carry with you the rest of your life. We have in the last fifteen years found that student after student is amazed at how the Arizona Cowboy College can be a "Life changing experience."

Thank you for joining us at our web site. We look forward to riding, roping with you at the Arizona Cowboy College.

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